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IT & Deployment

Easily deploy a wireless solution to every meeting room

Create a smoother workflow for teams with powerful features and extensive IT resources. Save time with a low maintenance solution that anyone in the office can use.

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Easy 5 minute setup
Train users in minutes
Works with internal and guest networks
Works on any device
Free Cloud device management
Windows Guest app available

Easy to install. No wall mounts needed.

Airtame is slim-built to fit behind any TV or projector, so there’s no need for wall mounts. Just plug Airtame into the display’s standard HDMI port and power it with the USB port.

Deployment guide

Daniel Wellington’s pure wireless solution is hassle-free and flexible

Stay in control from the Cloud

Manage all your devices remotely. With Airtame Cloud, IT admins can group edit settings, update, reboot, and more without
leaving your desk.

  • Update and reboot in batches
  • Group edit device settings
  • Free platform, including updates

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Works with secure corporate networks

Easily integrate Airtame into a variety of network setups, like internal and guest networks. Prefer using an Ethernet connection? Our solution adapts to your needs.

  • Enterprise network support (WPA2)
  • Works with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Easy Ethernet option
  • Works across separate VLANs

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User friendly app

Onboard your colleagues in minutes with our simple click-to-stream app. If you have administrative restrictions on your network, our Windows Guest app lets visitors use Airtame too.

  • Works on any platform
  • On-screen guide trains users for you
  • Mass deployment (MSI)
  • Windows Guest app for guests

Mass Deployment guide

Airtame and Guests

How to customize an onscreen guide

The Airtame app works on any device

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iOS native app
Android native app

Simple digital signage and dashboards

Display a custom image, KPI dashboard, or an onscreen guide on Airtame’s home screen. This is a great tool for
utilizing displays, even when you’re not streaming. Take a closer look at Airtame’s home screen or see how works with other digital signage services


Ditch the clunky hardware. Simply copy/paste your dashboard’s public URL into Airtame’s settings and your dashboard
displays on the TV.

Custom onscreen guide

Create a custom guide that trains users for you. With all the info they need to stream to the screen, users won’t need
to call for IT help.

Custom images

Upload a custom image to show useful information or to brand your meeting rooms. Your colleagues will appreciate the
personal touch.

As a stock listed company, security is extremely important and that is the primary reason why we decided to deploy Airtame using a separate VLAN and set up rules in the firewall to access the Airtame devices from both our internal and guest WiFi networks.

Jørgen Staun Hansen, IT System Engineer, RTX

Use stories

These offices are already succeeding with Airtame

Our company has put one of these in every meeting room and it makes the process of connecting to screens very simple, for us and visitors.
Matthew Large

Amazon review

Great product – bought it for our conference room so we could get rid of that noisy projector that doesn’t work all the time.
Joe J.

Amazon review

Great product – easy to connect. Great customer service! They take customer feedback seriously and are always adding new or better features.
Tom Sabourin

Amazon review

Resources for your Airtame rollout

We have made a easy quick overview of resources that will be helpfull in your rollout.