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A wireless presentation system that works

No more wasted time fumbling with cables and adapters. With Airtame plugged into the TV, everyone can wirelessly connect their devices within seconds and present. All you need is a small app.

See how we helped Graduateland create wireless meeting rooms.

It’s all about simplicity

When you walk into a meeting, you shouldn’t have to worry whether your wireless presentation system will work or not. That’s why we designed Airtame to work across different platforms, so anyone can walk into your meeting room and connect without thinking twice.

For updates on our company’s path to a wireless future, check out our blog.

Everyone is invited

What’s the point of making it wireless, if it only works for some people? The real pain in today’s meeting room is that you never know if you will be able to connect. With Airtame, everyone can connect, because we have apps for all the major platforms you and your guests work on.

Got guests?

  • Get them to connect to either your company WiFi or Airtame’s WiFi (info will show on the TV).
  • Tell them to go to to download our app to their device (link will also be on the TV).
  • From the app, they simply select the name of the meeting room TV and they’re instantly presenting.
Pro tip

Send guests the download link when you invite them to the meeting. That way, they are prepared before they arrive.

A group of people presenting wirelessly using an Airtame device

The freedom of full desktop mirroring

Quickly share your desktop screen on the office TV, so you and your colleagues are free to work without limits.

A laptop screen mirroring to a display using Airtame

Present on the go.

Use Airtame’s presentation app to show slides from your mobile devices. Or try AirPlay iOS mirroring to share your entire screen from your iPad or iPhone.

AirPlay iOS mirroring now available in public beta. Screen mirroring on Android is not available.

A person using the Airtame App for presenting in a room full of people

The freedom of mobile

Show your slides with the Airtame app for your Android devices. Mirror your entire screen from your iPad or iPhone with AirPlay iOS mirroring, available in public beta. Experience smoother workflow on the go.

Stream from mobile

Present wirelessly from a mobile device

Our mobile apps don’t mirror the entire screen of your mobile device, but instead show content through the Airtame app. During streaming, the audience sees your presentation and you see a presenter’s view with an overview of current and upcoming slides.

All your content at your fingertips

With easy access to your favorite storage services, your files are just a tap away. Present directly from the cloud or download the files to your device, so you can present offline.

See all supported file types

Having my presentation slides on my phone was really nice. I was able to walk around and follow the mood of the crowd, instead of constantly walking back to my computer.

Adam Hartmann, Managing Director at Eupry

Included features

Going wireless is great, but it comes with new requirements and responsibilities. That’s why Airtame includes the must-have features for a safe and easy setup in a professional setting.

WPA2 Enterprise

Having a professional network setup shouldn’t prevent you from going wireless. Airtame supports WPA2 Enterprise networks, so you don’t have to compromise security.

Ethernet Connection

In a noisy WiFi environment, connect Airtame to your network with an ethernet cable. Of course, it’s still wireless to stream to Airtame (note: Ethernet Adapter is not included).

Connect with IP

If you prefer not to have multicast enabled on your network, you can still easily connect to Airtame by typing in its unique IP address.

Over-the-air updates

Airtame gets new features and improvements over-the-air. You have the choice to either receive updates automatically or manually trigger them.

5GHz support

Airtame supports dual-band operation, allowing you to connect on different bands for more flexibility and less interference.

Airtame Guest WiFi

Airtame has two WiFi cards, which means you can use one of them as a guest network. Check these guides on all the different ways to set up Airtame’s WiFi.

Deployment Guide

Setting up in enterprise? Check out our guide on the best setup for your organization.

Lightweight App

No admin rights on your computer? No problem. We offer a lightweight app that lets you stream without installing.


Airtame will offer a version of the application installer for mass deployment (e.g., to be rolled out in an organization remotely). Learn more

We’re here with you, every step of the way

Whether you buy one or 100 Airtame 2s, you’ll gain access to our committed Customer Success Team. We’re here to answer your technical questions, help you troubleshoot, and make sure you use the Airtame solution to its full potential.

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