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We’ve helped 18,000+ businesses and schools across the world cut the cables, unlock collaboration and use screens better with Airtame.

Here’s what some of our users have to say about the wireless screen revolution…

Use cases
Two employees giving each other a high-five

We no longer have to sit in a certain spot in the room tethered to an input cable.

Gibby Reynolds - IT Systems Administrator, Oregon School Activities Association

Setting up conference rooms to accommodate both Mac and PC users was always tough. Now it’s just plain simple.

Tim White - Technology Manager, Kelliher Samets Volk

No one is tripping on wires! I am not being called down to the room to fix cables or users not being able to get their device to project.

Susan Gum - Director of Technology & Innovation, Titusville Area School District

A great device to quickly allow devices to stream to TV’s or other display. Worked right out of the box. The Airtame support staff are quick and ready to help if there are any questions or issues.

Anthony - CTO, Fast Company

…it allows us to get rid of some cables and that is always an added value in a company where you want your offices to be as clean as your designs. The GoMore office is a nice and well designed place and Airtame contributed to that and increased the value of our offices.

Vlad Gidea -

Airtame is a clever device that meets our wireless streaming needs and the product just keeps getting better. I will continue to recommend Airtame to anyone that is looking for simple and flexible streaming solution.

Justin Butler - Senior Director of Technology, Minnesota Timberwolves

The ease of implementing settings to multiple Airtames at one go is a real time saver!

Marshall Lee - Director, ANVIL PTE LTD

Airtame makes collaborations easy and fast.

Sarath Kumar - System Integrator, Technical Control

Airtame is cheaper than getting a tech guy in to set up the media/presentation room.

Francisco Benedict - Director, Dragonfly Media Services

It is great that everyone from the team can easily use every screen in the same way, no matter what the streaming device is.

Lucio Ferranti - President, Energy Group srl

Airtame's Cloud management is a big help when you have 17 buildings and a limited IT staff.

Chris Kaiser - Network Engineer, Fox C-6 School District

No cables. Easy presentations. Just plug and play.

Max Van Dam - Project Designer, Plant the Brand

We no more have to worry about what cable type to use and the safety issues related to it.

Sam Sabbagh - Senior IT Support Tech, Epic Equipment

Airtame lets us display our analytic dashboards around the office, beaming live data to our team allowing them to make decisions in real time.

Matt - Technical Manager, Channel 5

We finally can present from any Android, iOS or Windows device to a bigger screen.

JR Hughes-Darsee - Principal, Scientific Information Systems Inc

It has been critical for us to have a solution that allows anyone to use any device to connect to a display and engage in seamless presentations.

Carlos Ramirez - Director of Technology & CIO, Greenburgh Central School District

We love the ability for multiple users to be able to use Airtame at a couple clicks of a mouse.

George Rodriguez - Network Administrator, UBWPAD.ORG

Airtame reduces time wasted setting up and makes it a lot easier to run our sales and staff meetings.

Tim Cocaro - Managing Director, RESCON Builders

It works! It is easy to set up and designed with education in mind.

Vernon DuBar - Technology Coordinator, Paragould School District

The Cloud management has made it so simple to support our staff and their screens.

Roly Tree - European Infrastructure and Support Manager, Down Foods

Airtame worked out of the box with very little configuration.

Chris Spiwak - Media Services Specialist, Hartwick College

Considering a lot of digital signage companies charge 500-1k a year per device, this is a pretty good option.

Michael Morris - Information Technology Manager and Principal, University of Arizona

I enjoy managing our Airtame devices with the Airtame cloud feature.

Guillaume Pollet - In charge of Telecom infrastructure, Jouve

Fast and perfect support by the help desk!

Dirk Van Gysel - Head of the Department of Pediatrics, O.L.Vrouw Hospitaal Aalst-Asse-Ninove

The Airtames have been a life saver for our school. It allows me to change the displays with announcements on a daily basis.

Bryan D. Jones - IT Coordinator, East Orange School District

Works as advertised. Easy to use and very dependable.

Rob Wagoner - Professor, Alexandria Central School District

We love the tech support! Very helpful and knowledgeable.

Ted Brown - IS Specialist, Deer Park High School

The wireless presenting and the simplicity with the setup makes this the preferred choice for our company. The quality is excellent. The video performance excellent.

Lodewyk Du Plessis - Business Analyst Systems, NAMDEB

Works great and easy to use. Cost is great for what you get.

Sean Porter - Business Analyst, Georgia Institute of Technology

Airtame is affordable and very easy to set up. It's also the only product that I could find that allows you to present from PC to multiple screens.

Anthony Parzgnat - Senior Project Manager / Technical Architect, Technology Services Group

Good price/quality compared to other commonly used systems on the market.

Alain Paumen - Director Technology, Amfori

Airtames are the answer we've been waiting for in K-12 wireless projection in a 1:1 Chromebook environment.

Chad Frerichs - Director Of Technology, Adel-Desoto-Minburn CSD

Users no longer have to call IT for help when they want to present to the room on the TV's.

Brenda Dvorak - IT Director, United Excel Corporation

Our favorite features are that Airtame works across multiple LANs and it has a PIN protection.

Neven Soric - ICT Manager, American International School of Zagreb

Greatest streaming device ever!

Daniel Medina - CEO, Create Smart Solutions

I have never had a complaint or request for return!

Lucas McIntyre - Re-seller, Custom Entertainment Solutions

We have cut down on the number of adapters needed in classrooms which has cut down technical problems, costs, and student/faculty frustrations.

Jordan Houdek - Learning Technology Support Specialist, Mount Marty College

Airtame brought us the stability we had been searching for when presenting wirelessly.

Ryan Stone - Technical Director, Briarcrest Christian School

The wireless connectivity has allowed for incredible flexibility in our classrooms and saved us hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in adapter / dongle costs.

Jeremy Crowhurst - Associate Director of Information Technology, The King's University

Airtame does everything we were hoping for. Everyone can share to the projector and the cables are gone!

Vit Steiger - Computer Systems Specialist, KAPP Technologies

It's a great solution without having to invest in a ton of equipment to accomplish the same thing.

Joseph A. Martin - Broker, Ocean One Properties

I recommend the Airtame to everyone because of the ease of use and sheer value of the product.

Brad Caszatt - Senior Design Engineer, Bericap North America

Tech should never present itself as an obstacle to knowledge workers, it should fade silently into the background simply augmenting a process; not be the process! Airtame does this and that is a tremendous value in itself.

Brett Keezer - IT Manager, Encapsys LLC

Great product, works like a charm. Management is easy, frequent updates, works with every major platform.

Rémi Morneau - System Administrator, BKOM Studios

With the Airtame we were able to eliminate expensive HDMI cable upgrades. Saving us around $300 per classroom.

Tim Shaver - Director of Technology, Whitfield County Schools

This is the most versatile and configurable dongle of the market.

Christian Tavares - Corporate Communications Coordinator , Dag

Customer support is outstanding!

Trent Wennlund - Owner, Wennlund Services

Airtame reduces the complexity and learning curve necessary for the implementation of extremely high quality digital signage.

George Kalman - President, Sensoria Networking Inc.

10 out of 10. I love the support for AirPlay as well as the capability of the device to broadcast a network or be connected to a network.

Carl Hadley - Graphic Design & Broadcast Creative, Baptist College of Ministry

With Airtame, you gain more time.

Patrick Reding - Director, CIPA Gréngewald

All HDMI cables in the conference rooms are gone!

Alain Bachmann - System Engineer, Arcade Solutions AG

Both our CEO and myself hate cables. So to be able to use our devices without cables and present seamlessly has enabled us to be much more efficient and flexible in our work space.

Jonathan Provost - Disruption Officer, Halton Housing

It’s easy to use and connect to any device.

Thomas Nuño Mayer - Managing Director, Bender Iberia

Easy streaming of content from all devices to our meeting room display both for employees and visitors.

Boris Wetzel - Managing Director, Choin! GmbH

Using Airtame, we can project wirelessly from Windows, Mac, ChromeOS and iOS. We're excited to give our teachers and students this new tool!

Bill Griscom - Technology Director, Lampeter-Strasburg School District

We can now run training videos on our showroom TV.

Darin Saunders - Service Manager & P/T IT, Hendrix Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd.

Excellent product, easy to use and easy to manage.

Armand Van Melkebeke - Airtame Cloud user, AVM Computers

Easy to use.

Steven - IT Engineer, Cast Lab

Good solid product, no issues.

Adam Paliotti - Network Technician, LISI AEROSPACE Canada

Very easy setup, cross-platform functionality, solid function.

Mike Petre - Business Analyst, Washoe County School District

Great packaging, easy setup, really flexible, Airtame 2 is a true improvement of Airtame 1 and great communication and services.

Francois Tamigniau - IT Manager & Data Protection Officer, WinBooks SA

It's great - does what I need it to do and it does it well.

Matthew Taylor - Head of Science and Technology, Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc.

Continued product development has been amazing.

Dale Klimmek - Network Engineer, Saginaw Valley State University

Easy to use.

Abbie Covenah - Airtame Cloud user, United Way of East Central Iowa

One word: Simplicity.

Vladimir Chery - Airtame Cloud user, Concentrix

Ease of use; reliability.

Bruce Freeman - Airtame Cloud user, LLC dba McDonald's

Simple to set-up, easy to use, great administration.

Sebastian Zehmke-Marahrens - Technical Consultant, The Deutsche Offshore Consult GmbH

Ease of installation, constant improvement of product price.

Joseph Jacobs - Support Services Supervisor, Waco Independent School District

Excellent quality!

Stephanie Francke - Designer, Simbisa

Love the device for digital signage. It's so easy to use to present as well.

Tim O'Brien - Technical Analyst, St. Thomas University

No cables - everything is great about it.

Hafþór Örn - Maintenance Officer, Lagardere Travel Retail Iceland

It works great!

Christopher Fuhrmann - Systems Administrator, Access TCA Inc.

Works well, great support!

Martin Norvaisa - Airtame Cloud user, Spectrum

Great product!

Christoffer Feilberg - Founder & CEO, Feilberg Advisory

I've been happy with the device. It's been meeting our needs and functions well.

Michael G. - DCIM Engineer, Major Colocation Data Center Provider

Airtame setup and usability in our office setting is great. New people are able to use it, visitors are able to use it.

Scott - Airtame Cloud user, Ursa Major Technologies

I purchased Airtame for a charity in Victoria. They and I love it!

Darrell Smith - Airtame Cloud user, Victoria-IT

Screen/window sharing feature is my favourite. I can now present and take notes!

Jag Dhami - IT Technical Lead, ASB Law LLP

Convenient and cost effective.

Neil Macdonald - CEO, Hillross Advisers Association Inc

Airtame works well and as expected. We are happy with the product.

Gemma Wildig - Office Manager, Silverpeak LLP

Airtame allowed us to have digital signage in an old building. Our old building makes it difficult to implement new technology. With Airtame's wireless connection and great user interface, it took less than two hours to get our first Airtame up and running! It has enhanced collaboration and decentralized the content distribution to a bigger team.

Josh Erickson - Senior Pastor, Park Ridge Presbyterian Church

Easily shares audio and video to TV's without any complicated setup or wires.

Salvatore LaDuca - Co-Owner, LaDuca Technical Services LLC